Comparing Prices


How much do prices differ for businesses?


The prices that suppliers charge for business electricity, business gas and other utilities can vary massively. It’s not unusual for one business to be paying three times the rate on their gas and electricity bills as the building next door. Over the past couple of years the highest unit rate for business electricity we have seen, for example, is 32 pence per kilowatt hour and the cheapest electricity is less than seven.


What rates are available to me?


Most energy suppliers require your business to have a minimum credit rating – so the better score you have, the more you can compare energy prices and the cheaper your energy bills will be. Other variables that determine which cheap business electricity prices each business is eligible for include: postcode, business type (sole trader, Ltd etc), sector (retail, manufacturing etc), annual consumption (average for an SME is 25,000 kWh/year), meter profile (the first two digits in a meter reference number range from 00-08 which is a classification related to consumption – most small businesses are 03/04 profile) and payment terms (direct debit being best). 


How do I get a quote?


We ask customers to grab recent copies of their energy bills and we can usually quote immediately over the phone based on a search of cheapest energy suppliers in the market. Our system is updated daily with new prices from across the whole market – including all of the ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers. The quote will detail the savings you can expect from the rates we have offered. If you like the quote, we will arrange the contract between you and the supplier and work to make sure that the transfer happens smoothly. Our opening hours are 9.00am-5.30pm Monday- Friday. Fill in an online form for a call back inside our office hours.


Who are the 'Big Six'?


  • The large energy suppliers that are often referred to as the ‘big six’ are:


  • E.ON (also known as Powergen)


  • npower (also know as RWE)


  • Scottish & Southern Energy (also known as SSE, incorporating Southern Electric, Scottish Hydro Electric, SWALEC, Atlantic Electric & Gas)


  • Scottish Power
  • EDF Energy (incorporating London Energy, SWEB and Seeboard)
  • British Gas Business (incorporating Scottish Gas, Electricity for Business, Qineticmarketing, Enron and Electricity Direct)
How do I know that your prices are the best deal for me?
We are 100% independent and work with all energy companies, at least 10 of the telephone companies and each of the mobile networks. In some cases the rates we have from suppliers have been negotiated and are exclusive to our company. We’re committed to offering you the lowest price and will always present the best available deals for you, no matter what commission we are being offered by suppliers
How much does your service cost?
We provide a free service and only receive commission from suppliers once we have successfully set up your new contract with them. Price transparency is key to earning the trust of our customers and, whilst we are unable to publish all our commission rates here, we’re happy to let you know on a case-by-case basis. Simply email your customer ID to